We create performant backends that drive everything from mobile applications to scalable solutions for video streaming applications.

Our expertise in building cloud-based infrastructures spans technologies including RoR (Ruby on Rails), PHP, Node.js and Python. We’re also experts in BigData platforms such as Hadoop, Storm, Spark and have substantial experience working with large data sets and creating analytical solutions for enterprise clients.

At present, we offer the following services:

  • Design and Development of Enterprise cloud applications.
  • Cloud enabling of existing applications and products.
  • Quality assurance and testing of applications that are migrated to Cloud.
  • Cloud strategy and consulting.

Our Approach to Cloud Application Development

With the flexibility and scalability of mobile and cloud solutions comes a new set of security challenges. We have helped customers solve these challenges in industries where data security is mission critical— including finance and healthcare. From cloud encryption to user and device-level authentication, our deep experience in high security cloud and mobile applications gives us the expertise to deliver a secure solution for your organization.
Applications deployed to the cloud, using technologies such as Java, node.js, PHP, Python and websockets are scalable from thousands to millions of users. Our expertise at maximizing resource utilization and reducing costs through server implementations help your application squeeze the most out of every second of the cloud CPU.
Your organization relies on Cloud applications for enterprise-critical missions. To ensure a robust cloud infrastructure we engineer solutions with clustered databases and load balancers for stable, long-running, and almost infinitely scalable deployments, with fail-over mechanisms built in throughout your end-to-end enterprise solutions.

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